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About Our Kennels

Established in 1979, Seneca Kennels- A Place for Pets is owned and operated by Greg and Bette Holtman and is located just outside the City of Winnipeg in Rosser, Manitoba. Greg, Bette and the General Manager live on the property so that someone is always on the property with the pets.  Seneca Kennels is built on 144 acres of farm land and the facility consists of a main building housing the regular runs and suites for dogs, a separate building for cats and small animals, and a large fenced in area for exercises and a outdoor wading pool.

We have a small, well trained staff which we believe helps us get to know our clients on a more personal level by giving both them and their pet the comfort and reassurance of seeing  familiar faces each time they walk through our doors.  As pet owners ourselves we understand how hard it can be to leave your pet in an unfamiliar environment with people they’re not familiar with but we do our best to make both you and your pet’s boarding experience with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible! The staff members are professionals; trained in many aspects of handling animals and animal care with the understanding the customer service is the rule to providing a great experience for our clients and their pets. Customer satisfaction is our primary purpose and paramount goal. We strive to be of the utmost service to those we serve and to respond to our clients and their pet’s needs in a loving, caring, fun and professional manner.

Seneca Kennels offers a unique opportunity to pamper and spoil your pets with the amenities and convenience of a luxury pet resort. Our climate controlled facility offers an extensive array of quality services in a stylish and comfortable setting by offering several different boarding accommodations and types of activities.

 We are all truly animal people and this is reflected in our genuine affection for all pets and our dedication to caring for them compassionately.

Other Kennel Info

We offer free trial stays, hourly or overnight to allow your pet to become accustom to staying with us before their longer stay with us.

We have a pickup and delivery service available if it better suits you.  We even do airport pickup and deliveries as well.

Monthly Activities & Specials

Smells of Home  Once a month Seneca Kennels – A Place for Pets has a bake day during which we make homemade dog cookies.  These fresh from the oven treats are given to our boarding friends (with Mom or Dad’s permission) and free samples are also available to any of their friends who just drop in.  The type of treat changes each month. 


What vaccinations do my pets need?

For the health, safety, and well being of all Seneca Kennels – A Place for Pets guests and staff we require the following:

Canine – Rabies, Annual combination vaccinations (DA2PP)

We highly, highly recommend the Bordetella vaccination (Canine Cough)

Feline – Rabies, Annual combination vaccination

We highly recommend the Feline leukemia vaccination as well but only if the initial testing was done.

You can have your veterinarian fax your pet’s vaccination records to us at (204) 633-9737, email them a copy to us at mail@senecakennels.com or bring a copy in with you when you bring your pet in. 

What do I need to bring?

The main things that you must provide for us are: proof of up to date vaccinations, emergency contact numbers and your pet.  You may bring in blankets, toys, beds, etc., just as long as the items are washable so that we can clean them if need be.  You may also bring in your pet’s food and treats if you prefer.  As for the dishes we prefer to use ours, but we know that every pet is an individual and some pets need something specific from home.

Hours Of Operation


8am - 7pm


8am - 7pm


8am - 4pm


8am - 7pm


8am - 7pm


8am - 4pm


8am - 7pm


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