April 2019 Specials at Seneca Kennels – A Place for Pets

April is National Poetry Month. It also contains Library Week, Children’s Book Day, School Librarian Day and several other days that are related to reading. For all our reading clients we are celebrating by giving 25% off our Aunt Betsy’s Cuddles for the month of April. For those of you who don’t know what an […]

Puppy School

Our newest member of the family ” Teevanna ” is gone back to her puppyhood and is destroying and chewing lots of Angels old toys. Boy is she having fun.   Bette

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To all our customers and friends:   Merry Christmas and I hope you have a GREAT 2017.   Life is full of challenges and changes.  May you greet 2017 with the knowledge that you can bring great changes to your world and to the people and pets around you.   All the Best. Seneca Kennels – […]

Dog Cartoon making cookies for a rainy day

On this rainy, cloudy day, I am reminded by this cartoon of days in the kitchen making cookies, both with my mother or for my own family.  There is nothing more warm and comforting then the smell of cookies baking in the oven on a wet day.  Of sharing with everyone including my four legged […]

Thoughts for Today June 6, 2016

Jobs that my dogs would love to have!!

My  ” Amber ” (golden retriever) would love this job. She would clean those plates till they shined.

Cartoon about food and the need for a good Sit or Down command

Hello friends: It is another hot day (to us), I’m stalling going outside to work by writing this blog. 😉 This cartoon brought a chuckle to me. Even after training my dogs about begging, it still hard for them not to. You have to be vigilant and hard about the standard of behavior you demand […]

Old memories and Pictures

With the new website, I have started to look for pictures to insert into the photo galleries, and I came across this picture of my bedlington terrier “Reba”. I remember the day she was born, along with all the other puppies in the litter. Bedlingtons are born black and fade to a soft grey. Reba […]

Learning how to post a Blog

Good Afternoon, it hot today, with high humidity.  With the new website, I am going to learn how to blog.  I read several blogs and enjoy them.  I don’t always agree with the opinions of the bloggers, but I give them credit for at least expressing an opinion.  Part of our freedoms is the right […]

New Web Site New Design

We are happy to announce our new web site.  Its about time!       By Gosh another cute Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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