À La Carte

À La Carte

For those very spoiled pets, a smorgasbord of available tasty treats!

Breakfast Waffle

A freshly cooked Belgium waffle topped with one of your dog’s favorite sauces (beef, chicken, or bacon). $3.50 / half serving $7.00 / full serving

Charlie the Tuna

A tuna treat packed with omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids and supplying high quality protein. $2.00 / serving.

French Café – Afternoon Break

A well chilled bottle of water served in a frosty dish, perfect for those hot afternoons.  $1.00 / serving

Frosty Paws

A generous serving of frozen vanilla yogurt in a small dish. Perfect as a treat on a hot day.  $2.50 / Serving

Frosty Waffles

A serving of frozen vanilla yogurt on a freshly cooked Belgium waffle is an excellent breakfast treat.  $5.00 / half serving  $9.00 / Full Serving

Pupsicles – Frozen Delight

Chicken or beef broth frozen with a munchie stick acting as the pupsicle stick, a true delight for your pup on a hot day. (Available only June – September)  $2.50 / pupsicle

Coming Soon

Fresh Mouth

For the dogs that are embarrassed about their breath.  We’ll add the suggested amount of Slurp n’ Fresh to their drinking bowls.

Vegetarian Delight

A mix of freshly prepared raw vegetables served as an appetizer before a meal or as a mid day snack.  A tossed mix of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, yellow beans, cucumbers and iceberg lettuce.  Seasonal the mix may vary slightly. 

Nutritional Supplements

Coat Conditioner

A special blend of ingredients design to promote healthy coat and skin. To be fed daily with meals

Glucosamine & MSM

An excellent nutritional supplement combination designed to help your dog’s joints and mobility.  To be fed daily with meals.

Treats to play with (time limit of 30 minutes)

Busy Bones

Dogs are allowed to play with their food especially this treat.  A large Galileo Bone with some wet dog food lathered on it. 

Butter Me Up

As a special treat that is good for cats we will give them a little pat of butter to eat.  $0.50 / butter pat

French Café – Afternoon Break

A well chilled bottle of water served in a frosty saucer, perfect for those hot afternoons. $1.00 / serving

Kitty Cocktail

A lovely treat for even the most finicky of cats, a kitty cocktail is a special blend of moist food topped with a sprig of fresh catnip. (Available only June – September) $1.00 / serving


In a lovely fruit nappie bowl we will serve Whiskas Kitty Milk.  $0.75 / serving

Coming Soon

Farm Sweet Farm

A tasty treat that is packed with all kinds of goodness for your cat, fresh chicken cut into bite size pieces.  Only fresh, organic grown chicken breast meat is used.

Fishercat’s Friend

A lovely fishy treat, a piece of fresh fish which is sure to delight the most finicky of cats.

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À La Carte

For those very spoiled pets, a smorgasbord of available tasty treats!…

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