Spa Services

Spa Services

Give your pet the ultimate luxury boarding experience by trying one of our Spa Services!

Nail Clipping – Free

To keep your pet’s feet in the best shape possible it is a good idea to get their nails clipped.  We can do that for you at no charge as long as your pet is cooperative.

Nail Buffing – 10.00

We start with a good nail clipping followed by a gentle filing and buffing to remove the sharp edges for beautifully shaped nails.  To finish, we use a polisher and nail oil to give back the natural shine.

Pawdicures – 15.00

We begin with the basic nail buffing but finish with a dazzle of colour.  You and your pet choose the colour, which suits their outfit best, and we apply the colour paw premium pet nail polish to all the nails.  Want a little extra? How about a French Pawdicure? Don’t stop with just one color but have two.  The nail is painted a solid background colour and finishes off with a French strip of another down the middle.

Paw Wraps – 15.00

We start by applying a cream to the pads of your dog’s feet then using warmed, moist, hand towels we wrap their feet and legs.

Paw Balm – 5.00

We have our own special paw balm that we rub into the pads of your dog’s feet to help keep them in good condition.  For dogs with long hair between their pads we will trim the hair down.

Paw Trim – 15.00 and up

We start with clipping your dog’s nails then we trim the hair on their feet.  We can either do a toe trim or a soft paw trim.  For the toe trim we trim the foot tightly around each toe and nail.  For the soft paw trim we trim the off the longer pieces and shaped the whole paw as one.

Baths – 25.00-60.00 with boarding, 30.00-75.00 without

We use a high quality shampoo followed by conditioner. We also include clipping their nails and cleaning their ears.  And once we are dry we give a gentle fur fluffing and a light brushing to remove excess fur.

Kennel Bath – Free with 7 nights boarding

The only way for your pup to receive a kennel bath is for them to stay with us for seven nights or more.  A kennel bath includes a vigorous shampooing follow by nail clipping and finishing with an ear cleaning.

Upgraded Kennel Bath – 15.00-30.00

We also offer an upgraded kennel bath for those who need a little more.  Again your pup must have stayed with us for seven nights or more. In addition to a shampooing we soak your pup’s skin and coat with conditioner.  We will also give a gentle fur fluffing and a light brushing to remove excess fur once they are dry.  Nails are clipped and ears are cleaned as well.

Body Scrub – 35.00-70.00 with boarding, 50.00-85.00 without

The body scrub includes

Eye drops to protect the eyes,
Anal glands expressed (externally only),
Specialized shampoo,
A Hydro Surge massage bath,
Special conditioners,
Fur fluffing and light brushing,
Ears cleaned,
Feet, bum, ear trimmed, if needed,
Warm paw balm applied,
Teeth brushed and breath freshened,
Nails buffed,
Bows or bandanas,
A treat for being such a good dog.

Brushout – 60.00 per hour

When we brushout your pet we include a bath, nail cut and ears cleaned as well.  For a brushout we use a brush first to remove the major tats then we use combs to remove the rest of the excess hair.  We also trim the fur between their foot pads, shape, and trim the rest of their body.

½ Day Doggie Spa – 150.00

What better way to treat your favourite pal, then with a half day at the doggie day spa.  Four to five hours of time dedicated solely to making your dog feel great.  We start with a relaxing but eye catching nature walk to gently stretch out the legs and warm up the muscles to prepare for the exhilarating, heart pumping playtime, off leash in the play yard.  We cool down and relax with a full body massage and paw wraps.  A light lunch and a siesta follow a warm soothing bath.  Once we get up we will have a gentle brushing, fur fluffing, nail buffing, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing and then we are ready to go home, relaxed and revitalized.

Our basic lunch during the ½ day is your choice of commercial dog foods we carry, but why not let your dog eat a gourmet meal; after all they are at the spa.  We also offer a spa lunch, wellness lunch, or hearty lunch that you can choose from our recipe book. Now your favourite pal will be eating better then his favourite pal!!

Dr. Pearl’s Pearly Whites – 10.00

Help your furry pal’s teeth last a lifetime.  We will brush your buddy’s teeth with doggie toothpaste using their own special toothbrush.

Foot & Leg Massages – 10.00

We massage up each leg of your dog which stimulate circulation and helps to relax dogs.

Paw Wrap, Foot & Leg Massage – 25.00

Why not revitalized those tired muscles with a soothing paw wrap followed by a stimulating foot and leg massage.  We begin with a basic nail buffing but then wrap those aching paws with comforting warm, moist towels.  Then we continue with the relaxing foot and leg massage to finish off we sooth those dry, cracked pads by rubbing in our warm paw balm.

Nail Clipping – No Charge

Nail Buffing – 10.00

Pawdicures – 15.00

French Pawdicures – 17.50

Paw Wraps – 15.00

Paw Balm – 5.00

Paw Trim – 15.00 and up

Bath (with boarding) – 25.00 – 60.00

Bath (without boarding) – 30.00 – 75.00

Kennel Bath (7 nights boarding ) – No charge

Upgraded Kennel Bath – 15.00-35.00

Body Scrub (with boarding) – 35.00-70.00

Body Scrub (without boarding) – 50.00-85.00

Brushout – 60.00 per hour

1/2 Day Doggie Spa – 150.00

Dr. Pearl’s Pearly Whites – 10.00

Foot & Leg Massage – 10.00

Paw Wrap, Foot & Leg Massage – 25.00

Prices vary for difficult to handle pets, large / heavy dogs, excessive mats, etc.

Grooming is available as a separate service but only during a three night minimum boarding stay and for an additional charge.

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