Cartoon about food and the need for a good Sit or Down command

interest in your food

Hello friends:

It is another hot day (to us), I’m stalling going outside to work by writing this blog. 😉 This cartoon brought a chuckle to me. Even after training my dogs about begging, it still hard for them not to. You have to be vigilant and hard about the standard of behavior you demand of your pets and of course yourself. Consistent corrections, and rewards for correct response daily are required.

Making your pet sit or down for a treat, reinforces the commands and the need for your pet to listen to you and respond to the command. Food/treats are a great motivator. An excellent down or sit response can save your pet life and prevent an situation from a disaster. Work on the sit or down in a fun manner and for frequent but very short periods of time. Treats should be very small morsels, we don’t want to gain weight from too many treats.

Make it fun.

Make sure to do the training in many different locations and situations. Start off in a quiet location with no distractions and work up to more difficult noisy places. Going to different locations will give your pet some variety in your outings and help you both bond better and learn to listen in words and action to each other. Don’t be afraid to back track to a quieter location if the distractions are too much. Traveling and training with your dog is a great way to spend time together. Don’t forget to leave the cell phone in the car or at home. This is time for you and your pet.

Have a great day and hug your pet.

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